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The Wyrm Ryders Brotherhood was founded in 1988 Mark Simm in Washington Tyne and Wear. It started its days as the Washington Motorcycle Club  in the 1950's and then Wyrmryders MCC and eventually became what it is today the Wyrm Ryders Brotherhood. The club has went from strength to strength and is always changing and growing

We can trace our history back to the original Washington Motorcycle club in the 1950's 

File picture dated December 1990 of the recently re formed Washington Motorcycle Club taken at the Foresters Arms, Concord, the club is now the Wyrm Ryders, and still based in Washington.

In 1988 Mark Simm and a local rider got to chatting about forming a new motorcycle club in Washingtion Tyne and Wear. The conversation took a turn, before they knew it they had many members the Washington Motorcycle Club was born, the club would meet at the Foresters Arms in Washington. A local pub that become well known for the bikers in Washington

Over the years the club has had many different meeting places, from pubs to the upper floor of a shop, small lockups and so on.

Over time the club took some different turns and eventually became the Wyrm Ryders M.C.C 

The name came from a conversation where one member was talking about a statue with Mark Simm, the statue was of a women riding a dragon. The conversation led to the Wyrm an old English name for a dragon, then Mark had the idea of Wyrm Ryders. The club once again took a turn in a different direction. 

The club decided to look for a stronger bond of brothers, the kind of club that will always stand together no matter what, through the good and the bad. The club shed the front patches and the female members to become a Brotherhood. The Wyrm Ryders Brotherhood has grown stronger with loyal and dedicated members that stand by each other, it is the next chapter in the clubs long history but not the last...