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Dent is a village and civil parish in Cumbria, England. It lies in Dentdale, a narrow valley on the western slopes of the Pennines within the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is a nice quiet place until we roll in to the village and take part in some drinking, more drinking and some more drinking..

For over 10 years the Dent Invasion has been the Wyrm Ryders Brotherhoods annual run, we host a 1 night old school style rally, hit the road, arrive setup and get pissed pass out wake up eat food and hit the road again.. 

 There are two village pubs within stumbling distance from the camp site that has everything from a hotel B&B with tapped, beer, local ale and cider with a small  local shop, the farm house on the camp site hosts one of the best full English breakfast you will ever have. So with cheap camping, cheap beer and cider, some good people and one hell of a ride through some amazing hills and moors with sweeping tree lines and twisty roads challenging every part of your riding experience. It’s a must for all friends of the Brotherhood.